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Materials and Quality

Each image is digitally printed using Ultrachrome inks with a light fastness of 75+ years enabling us to give our customers a lifetime guarantee against fading. We use a photo quality polycotton canvas of 365gm weight, not 100% cotton, in order to achieve a brighter white and to avoid the inevitable surface imperfections associated with a 100% natural material. The printed image is then protected with matte varnish to prevent scratches, dust adhesion, and moisture absorption thereby prolonging colour vibrancy and preventing cracking later on. The canvas is then stretched over a hand-made solid wood 30mm deep frame, complete with backing board to prevent sagging over time.

These are not fragile pictures, you can kick a football against our prints and they will survive (not that we are recommending this you understand). The print is allowed to stand for 24 hours to allow any final settlement, stretching and drying and then the canvas has its final fixings to the rear of the frame. The picture will seamlessly wrap round the frame and will be ready to hang straight from the box when you take delivery.

American Car Fins (Click to enlarge)

The Final Product

The canvas image you will receive will be a durable, high quality high contrast conversation piece from the day of delivery. The bottom line with our images is that they are directed towards making an exceptionally bold impact on your living/working space ensuring maximum bang for your buck. We are deliberately avoiding scenes over used elsewhere, and our limited print runs will give you an exclusive product. You are more likely to meet a lottery winner than see one of our images twice!

Rear detail showing frame and hard panels (for added strength)

Our Guarantee

The complete picture is guaranteed against defects and ageing, we are that confident of our materials and workmanship. Simply keep a record of this transaction and in the event of fading/warping/cracking we will issue a refund/replacement, whichever you prefer.

There are bound to be colour differences between the printed image and the picture you see on your computer screen, and we ask you to take this into account when purchasing. To minimize the risk to the customer, however, we will refund the purchase price (less postage) in the event of dissatisfaction.

Click for examples of previously completed canvases

Our Guarantee | Payment Options | Shipping Information | Store Policies
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