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Reckonize Art are aware of security issues surrounding on-line purchasing and realise the concerns customers rightly have about credit card fraud and identity theft. Our sites are accordingly secure and make full use of up to date security measures such as SSL (secure socket layer) server pages. In addition the sections below give advice on maintaining security on-line whilst visiting or buying from ecommerce sites.

Check the security of eCommerce and eBanking sites

Always keep Your Identity Secure
, counterfeit (or spoof) sites are often used by fraudsters to lull you into a false sense of security. Following these three steps should ensure that the site you think you are banking with is a genuine banking site:

Step 1: Always type the internet banking or ecommerce URL directly into your browser. By typing directly into your browser instead of following links, you greatly reduce your chances of being duped by a spoof site.

Step 2: Check for 'https' and the lock. Genuine secure sites have addresses that start with 'https' and display a padlock icon in the bottom section of your internet browser.

Step 3: Double click that lock. Double clicking the lock icon that appears in the bottom section of your internet browser brings up information about the lock that can help you confirm that the site is genuine. If the lock is not within its valid dates or has been issued to a website that you do not recognise, do not enter your details.

Always logout of secure sites

Never leave your computer unattended when logged in to a secure session (like internet banking). Ensure that you log-out properly when you have finished your internet banking session.

Be extra careful when using computers in public places

As you cannot be certain about the security of public wireless networks or computers in public places (like a library or internet café) you should be cautious about using internet banking services in these situations. Never change your security details while using a public wireless network or a public computer.

Watch out for fraudulent (or 'phishing') e-mails

Phishing is a fraud technique commonly used to attempt to trick people into revealing their username and password to fraudsters.

Here is how a phishing scam typically works: The fraudster sends out a fake e-mail that has been designed to look like it comes from a reputable source. This fake e-mail asks for security details or directs customers to a counterfeit banking or ecommerce site. At the counterfeit site, the fraudster asks the customer to enter their complete security details - password, security questions, user name... the sky is the limit. These stolen security details are then used to commit fraud. Reckonize Art will never ask you for your username or password.

If you receive an e-mail requesting your security details do not reply and do not follow the instructions even if the e-mail suggests that you need to take immediate action to stop your account being frozen. These are just tricks that the fraudster is using to manipulate you in to giving away your vital details.

If you have any further queries relating to our security policy please get in touch on the email address below.


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